All the plastic is included to build a high quality 30x12x15 Refugium Aquarium Filter--- The project is designed to be done at home with a minimum of tools and shop space---The instructions will teach you how to make clear professional seams. All you need is solvent cement, which is available in my webstore. (Jig is also helpful and available in my webstore)---This is an amazing deal---Please check what High Quality acrylic cost and you will agree---The book itself is is a valuable resource with many secrets of acrylic fabrication.---It sells on Amazon for $15 and is yours FREE for purchasing this KIt. This is what you will learn from my book---An understanding of different types of plastic---Basic Fabrication techniques---Tools needed and the best place to acquire them---How to purchase plastic and supplies---Different styles of filters and how they work---Workspace that is required and what is needed---Detailed step by step procedures. The actual 20 steps required to build this filter kit---Actual colored photographs of the actual steps---How to develop you own cut list--- How to prepare your plastic for assembly---How to save money acquiring everything needed---How to inspect and test your filter--- Complete resource list with contact information--- We also have available a 3 hour video series that is available on Youtube. It is not necessary to build the filter, but it is helpful, especially for those who want to build multiple units.
  • This is a 30x12x15 Refugium Filter KIT.
  • All pieces are Domestic High Quality Acrylic.
  • All pieces are cut and jointed to quality specifications.
  • 100 page book is included that teaches acrylic fabrication- Specifically for this filter. Also for FREE is a 3 hour video series.
  • Save 50-90% the cost of a built unit.

Aquarium Filter KIT- 30x12x15--100 page instructions-Refugium, Sump

  • $129.00