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You've hooked up your fish tank to your grow bed...NOW WHAT? This kit has everything you need to get all the way through system start up! This AquaStart Getting Started Kit was created for systems with 300 - 500 gallons of fish tank water. This kit includes: Aquaponics Gardening Online Course with 5.5 hours of organized, fascinating learning content, 33 video/ PowerPoint "mashup" presentations, 17 "Diving Deeper" articles, and 2 Downloadable Handy Tracking Charts, API Freshwater Master Aquarium Test Kit, a digital thermometer, PH up/PH down, and a fish-less Cycling Kit.
  • All the accessories you need to get your aquaponics system started!
  • Registration for the Aquaponic Gardening Online Course, API Freshwater Master Aquarium Test Kit, AquaUp and AquaDown (pH altering formulas), Cycling Kit and a Digital Thermometer are all included.
  • Detailed instructions on how the process works and how to fully cycle your system BEFORE adding fish.
  • Cycling Kit includes powdered, soluble pure ammonia & powdered, soluble seaweed to give your plants a strong start.
  • Includes a Data Tracking Chart so you can follow your system's progress and spot problems early.

AquaStart Large Aquaponics Getting Started Kit

  • Brand: The Aquaponic Source
  • Product Code: AKIAS001C
  • Note: Aquatica Plus is an Amazon Affiliate and may receive payment for items purchased on Amazon.