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Flexible Black Corrugated Non-Kink PVC Water Garden Pond Hose (MM - Metric) This tubing works best with Alpine, Atlantic, AquaScape, Calpump, Laguna, Lifegard, Little Giant, and Tetra Products. Due to variations in fittings, some buildup may be required for secure fit. Our Non-Kink Flexible PVC tubing, commonly referred to as "non-kink", "kink free tubing", "water garden hose", "pond tubing" , "flex pond" and "corrugated tubing" is perfect for use with water gardening, ponds, waterfalls, fountains, aquariums and fish hatcheries, drains, light farming and gardening and light irrigation. While it is not as strong and durable as our flexible PVC pipe, it is somewhat more flexible and lighter.
  • Very flexible - ideal for working in confined areas. Reduces the number of required fittings and permits the installer/user to make smooth, tight turns.
  • Saves time, labor and cost.PVC tube with raised exterior PVC helix for strength and flexibility.
  • Coils easily for storage and transportation.
  • Mildew, sun, ozone (UV) and chemical resistant.
  • Smooth inside - permits unrestricted flow, reducing operating costs.

HydroMaxx Non-Kink Flexible Water Garden Hose and Pond Tubing (MM - Metric) (1 1/2" Dia., 25 ft)

  • Brand: MaxxFlex
  • Product Code: 13021120251
  • Note: Aquatica Plus is an Amazon Affiliate and may receive payment for items purchased on Amazon.

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