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Includes: 1x three stage aquarium reverse osmosis filter unit. 1x self piercing mains clamp (used to connect directly onto a 15mm cold mains pipe - ideal if you do not have any water outlets available)1x 3/4" bsp x 1/4" push fitting (screws onto a standard 3/4" bsp threaded cold water outlet - such as for washing machines and hosepipe outlets)1x 1/4" isolator valve - for easy water flow control.3x lengths of 1/4" tubing
  • Compact 3 stage aquarium reverse osmosis water filter system
  • Complete with all filters and fittings, uses quality ro membrane made in the usa
  • Removes very high levels of most impurities from the water, ideal for filtering tap water for your aquarium
  • Includes fittings to attach to mains pipe and full instructions for installation & maintenance
  • Water filter man ltd branded product

WaterFilterManLtd Compact 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter For Aquarium, Marine, Discus, Tropical Fish

  • Brand: WaterFilterManLtd
  • Product Code: WFMARO
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